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Consultants or urban changemakers

We are looking for consultants, policymakers, and other project managers involved in setting up circular pilot projects in their cities to join our beta testing group and be a continued part of our development. Beta testers get first access to the tool, the opportunity to guide the development of new features, and the opportunity to connect with other urban changemakers and share, learn and work together along the way.Join the beta testing group

Municipalities and Regional Governments

Are you a local government looking to seed and support circularity in your region but don’t know where to start? Reach out to find out more about applying this tool in your region, showcasing your city’s initiatives online, and empowering local consultants to design circular pilot projects.Kick-start your city’s transition

Industrial Ecologists & Data Engineers

We are looking for problem solvers, researchers and logicians to work together on building exciting new data models and an open data platform for circularity. Modellers can apply their minds to building solutions that can immediately contribute to creating positive impact around the world during regular meetups and hackathons that take place online and offline.Register your interest

Domain Experts, Researchers & Journalists

Everyone is welcome to gather, write, and submit case studies of what works and what doesn’t in different contexts for the circular economy. Whether you are leading research, are representing a company with a circular initiative, or are generally curious about the topic, your contributions to our growing knowledge repository directly support cities and businesses in their transition to the circular economy.Register your interest

Circular solution providers

We are looking for organisations that are enabling circularity as part of their core service in businesses or governments offering to showcase on the Circle City Scan Tool. Your organisation will get listed in the solution providers directory, providing opportunities to link your business to circular pilot projects, or to connect into a community of circular changemakers.List your company

General Inquirers

Tell us more about why you’re interested in the tool.Contact us

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