Create an action plan for the transition to the circular economy in your city

Circle City Scan Tool enables municipalities, consultants or project developers to identify focus areas, discover opportunities and create action plans for the circular economy.

Based On


data points

to support your analysis


Circular Strategies

to get you started


Case Studies

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Solution Providers

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How it works

Collect the right


Compile data about jobs, emissions, value added and material flows to drive decisions. Get access to public datasets like Eurostat or get guidance on how to collect accurate data yourself.
Choose your


Specify focus industry sectors, material flows and impacts that are important to your city in order to get recommendations on the circular strategies. Use the data and relevant case studies to inform your decisions.
Uncover relevant


Discover the framework of circular strategies with case studies and solution providers. Using our methodology identify opportunities by prioritizing the strategies that are relevant to your focus.
Create an

Action plan (coming soon)

Put together an action plan with milestones and stakeholders.
Craft a


Prepare a visually powerful report to communicate your recommendations to a wide audience of stakeholders.

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